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Pre-made authentic curry masalas, dry rubs and spices from around the world.

Armed with heritage and traditions passed down through generations, Kumari Spice World draw their inspiration from a time when rare and exotic spices were treasured more than gold and smuggled across land and sea by daring spice traders under the noses of those who would seek to monopolise the eastern trade route.

Over 30 years since launching our first market stall, our passion for delivering only the best quality products available still continues to attract customers from far and wide. Our products are all manufactured in-house, from the roasting & grinding to the blending and mixing of herbs & spices, to bring you a unique flavour that will take you on a culinary journey around the world.

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You’ll find all your favourite rubs, salts and spice blends as well as some other great product ranges at our online store, Flavour & Spice.

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Can’t find the recipe you’re looking for? Each Kumari product has a pdf link when you visit our Online Shop. Find the product and in the description is your recipe ready to download.