How to keep your herbs and spices fresher for longer


If you love cooking and have a range of spices at home, here’s a few tips on best keeping them to retain their unique flavours.

~Store in a pantry or dark, cool area.  Sunlight can break down a spice leaving it dull and without flavour.

~Don’t store above your stove, you know that little cupboard…well, it’s a no-no.  Keep your spices away from any heat, they can dry out and go hard.

~Keep away from moisture & humidity to prevent any possibility of mold.

~Sprinkle your spices into your hand first before adding to a hot dish to prevent heat and moisture getting into the jar.

~Best to use an air-tight tin or a dark coloured glass jar with a fitted lid for storage.  Plastic can be porous and allow air in which can damage your spices over time

If you look after your ground spices and herbs they can be stored for up to 2 years and whole spices up to 3 years. Taste them for flavour and freshness before using though.